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How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?

So what’s a wife to do when she discovers her husband has had indiscretions and you don’t know just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Not to mention, the feelings of betrayal cut through the heart, severing it in pieces.

Nanny Wanted…TODAY!

Procrastinating on doing a task is one thing, but on hiring a nanny, well, you don’t want to do that the last minute. I had to attend a client’s event and needed a nanny fast.

A Few Stitches Here and There and I was Good to Go

I took Bradley Method classes in preparation for my son’s birth. The instructor explained the importance of breathing naturally, working with your body to prepare for natural childbirth, reducing the stress of labor, and having a partner coach you through the several stages of labor.

Compromising while my Eyes were Wide Shut

What joy it was to go to Napa and go wine tasting with Adam! I fell in love with Merlot and the abundant flavor in each tasting. From hints of oak and spice, to berry and plum, each winery offered a different tasting to tease my palate.