MissGuided Mom author Marisol BarriosMARISOL BARRIOS as “Eve”

Divorces occur everyday and one of two marriages ends in divorce. Not thinking about this statistic, I fell victim to it after 12 years of marriage when I found myself suddenly divorced. As divorced mothers or single moms, we struggle and have challenges along the way and sometimes get misguided along our journey of self-discovery. Surviving each day, getting stronger for my boys and being grateful for what I had were the things I focused on during this challenging time.

Inspired by life’s events, I decided to create “Eve” and tell her story, a story that will resonate with many women. MissGuided Mom is a fictional blog about a divorced mom raising her two sons who gets into delicate situations as she journeys through a path of self-discovery, but with the help of her Guardian Angel, Grace, she learns life lessons in marriage, motherhood, career, and divorce.

When I thought about the role of “Grace,” I instantly thought of Caterina Clarke, whose spiritual perspective is on target for what Eve needs. As my writing partner, Caterina is an amazing woman that inspires me personally and has guided me many times through my journey. I find that the guiding lessons she writes apply to me at present and are truly timeless, which is why I think this blog can help any individual.

MissGuided Mom gives other women and men in similar situations support, encouragement, inspiration, and hope for sweeter and brighter lives. And just as Eve and I welcome spiritual recovery, rest and restoration, I hope other women and men, who are experiencing some of the same issues, find what Eve embraces. I know I have.

When I’m not writing for MissGuided Mom, I am employed full time as director of communications and advocacy for a Pasadena foster care children’s charity. Balancing the demands of a working mom while raising two sons, I enjoy unwinding from a chaotic day with a glass of Merlot and making funny faces to our two Betta fish.


Collaborating on MissGuided Mom as Grace, the Guardian Angel, I’m a divorced mom, also raising a son. Having received my certification in Spiritual Direction from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles, I provide guidance to individuals and groups who desire to awaken their souls to the Sacred Mystery; respond to God’s invitation; and help them discover creative ways to connect with the Divine Presence in their everyday lives.  Practicing spiritual direction in person and over the phone to accommodate those living across the country, I feel very blessed to share this gift with so many who are courageous to walk this path.

I believe our stories are an expression of God’s love for us and for the world.  They contain mystical messages that, if unlocked, will lead us to experience God and enter into the sacred dance by journeying into the depths of our souls.  With every encounter, I am inspired, honored and humbled because I believe I am standing on holy ground.

In addition to being certified in spiritual direction, I also have a degree in Marketing, am certified in the Marshall Goldsmith Coaching Approach and am employed full-time for a major automotive company as a leadership consultant.

When Marisol, whom I respect as a dynamic and creative woman, approached me to join her as “Grace,” I knew instantly this role is what I was meant to play–as the guiding Grace within Eve that also exists within all of us. She is the center of Eve’s being.  Grace’s role is to illuminate Eve’s path during dark times so she can see and help her emerge stronger and self-assured. Ultimately, Grace helps Eve on a journey to her true self and rediscovers the divine beauty that already exists within her.  As Eve commits to this journey, Grace is there every step of the way to give her strength, support and hope for a new and better life that is waiting for her.

I hope you will find MissGuided Mom as rewarding as I have and that your life will be filled with the promise of God’s Grace as you embark on your own spiritual journey.


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