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MissGuided Mom enjoys life after divorce

Tastings are not just for wine, but for life. I’ll have another one, please.

Here’s an insider’s look at what we’re working on! Hope you’ll join us on this journey…

We’re looking for contributing bloggers or online writers who would like to impart some of their own Pearls of Grace in marriage, family, career, divorce and health and well-being.  We’re launchingMissGuidedMom, an online magazine providing resources to women through transitional stages in life with the help of Divine Grace.

Our vision is to empower individuals to be faithful on their journey. We aim to support, inspire and celebrate with women for the hope of a sweeter and joyous life.

We’d love it if, as a guest blogger, you could contribute monthly in one of five categories and promote the article on your website, blog, Twitter and/or Facebook page:

  • Marriage
  • Family
  • Career
  • Divorce
  • Health and Well-being

In exchange, we’ll promote your website, blog and/or product via our magazine, Facebook and Twitter. We’re gearing up for our online talk show so we’ll definitely be selecting submissions for consideration to be featured on our talk show.

We welcome submissions to be considered in a voice and tone that parallels MissGuidedMom, but we don’t mean it literally, only that we know you have a distinctive gift to share too. We believe in faith, family and fun, but that doesn’t mean you have to drink Merlot or stuff your face with cupcakes, even though they are divine. So we hope you’ll join Grace and me on our journey together.

Send submissions to and should you need to reach me, Marisol or better known as “Eve,” call 310-713-8567. ;)

For now, I’ll drink to “Hope for working together…” Cheers! 

In addition, we’re interested in knowing what you think about MissGuidedMom. Feel free to drop us a note.

Do you have your own sticky situation and need a guardian angel to give you a life lesson? Do you have some advice for MissGuidedMom?

Contact us at or you can call Marisol Barrios at 310-713-8567.

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