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Video on 5 Tips to Stay Focused with Your New Year’s Resolutions

View a video that shares insights on how to stay focused and keep your New Year’s resolutions.


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5 must-haves for keeping a healthy marriage on the right track

By Marisol Barrios, MSPA When I got divorced I reflected on what went wrong, what was right, how I could have improved the relationship, and what I would do differently if I was in another one. Reading books and talking to my therapist taught me a few things about marriage and what I should have […]


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Top 6 posts to celebrate 6 years

We’re excited to be celebrating six years of since we launched it in August 2010. As much as I’d like to celebrate with a glass of Merlot and cupcakes, this time around I’ll be joining Grace with a cup of tea. I’m on a fitness and nutrition journey and you’ll learn more about this on […]



10 Daily Routines to Produce Good Habits

Summer is a casual season for many families. As parents we become lax to the traditional school year rules. Kids stay up late. The hours on electronics are in excess. Some don’t shower daily. At the same time, certain challenges may also arise for working parents: daycare costs increase, additional expenses of meals, and finding […]


A holiday cocktail favorite, this peppermint-rimmed limoncello was the hit at my holiday party.

When life gives you lemons, make Limoncello to ring in New Year

When life gives you lemons, make Limoncello. Here’s the perfect recipe to turn sour situations into sweeter occasions.

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Part 3: Nourishing my Soul with a Balanced Life

While at early faith formation classes, I discovered a book entitled, I like me! by Nancy Carlson. It is now my favorite one. We also crafted personal daily affirmations and I am reminded that‪ God loves me and God loves you just the way we are. So you might ask, “Why are you on this weightloss journey?” I’m taking small […]

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Rosy Got the Best of Me

After confronting Adam, I had a few days to think about things. I decided to go out with a friend who’s divorced to get her perspective. I needed to vent on what was happening. Instead of having a pity party, I wanted to feel good and knew that for an evening I could indulge on […]

Recovering Memory Bank of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Grace, you know I’ve been hibernating for the past year. I’ve had to recover from the shock of my MacBook having been microwaved. Not only did I attempt to retrieve my data, I’ve had to recover emotionally. I realized that the recovery of my computer data, which I’m happy to say was retrievable, parallels divorce. […]

Augmenting All Parts of My Life

I have a scheduled surgical appointment for the breast augmentation and breast lift in the week to come. I decided to get it done while I was going to have some time off. However, not realizing I need some help, I asked Adam if he wouldn’t mind taking care of me for a week. I […]