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Guardian Angel Grace offers pearls of wisdom

Returning Home

Do you hear God calling you home to reclaim what has always been yours?  You might have strayed because of your busy life or challenges you faced.  So do you believe God never takes away […]

An Exercise to Love Generously

Here is an exercise that may help to consciously and intentionally love generously. 1)      Prepare – Find a comfortable room and chair to sit.  Darken the room to represent your interior soul and depths of […]

Nature Understands the 3 P’s of Patience

Nature seems to understand the practice, the power and the purpose of patience. Practice – Nature has a rhythm that is evident as the seasons change again and again and again.  Winter doesn’t stop coming […]

Grace’s Rendition of Jesus’ Beatitudes for Financial Matters in Divorce

Here is my rendition of Jesus’ Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew 5:3-12 (known as blessings) for all those that find themselves dealing with financial frustrations when getting divorced.

 Blessed are those that divorce themselves […]