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Guardian Angel Grace offers pearls of wisdom

Learn to Set Expectations in an Intimate Relationship

1. Expectations are reasonable based on the situation and the relationship. What does this mean?  Every situation is unique as is every relationship. Your role and your expectation changes throughout the day as you flow […]

How to Benefit from an Accountability Partner

When you identify the one area you want to focus on in making a significant change in life, find an accountability partner(s) with whom you interact frequently.  The chances of you making a shift will […]

5 Spiritual Lessons to Live, Learn and Laugh

Eve, it’s great that you are taking time to reflect on your marriage with Adam and integrate the lessons to move forward. Integration has the power to heal the past, live with gratitude in the […]

Mind Stretching Exercises

Breathing is the key ingredient to becoming whole mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Learn how. After you begin breathing on a new level, you can choose to commit to doing crossword puzzles, Saduko, word search games, […]