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Guardian Angel Grace offers pearls of wisdom

On Being a Mother: Expanding My Heart-Part III

Expanding our hearts to receive more of his love for us through our children – How has God expanded our hearts?  One thing I’ve always acknowledged is that children have been and are God’s greatest […]

On Being a Mother: Surrender to the Moment-Part II

Pearls of Grace: Wisdom shared by a guardian angel Surrender to the moment – So what does this mean?  As a working mother, you are constantly being pulled in so many directions.  There are so […]

On Being a Mother: Completely Trust—Part I

Pearls of Grace: Wisdom shared by a Guardian Angel As long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to understand and experience what it was like to be a mother.  As I observed many mothers, […]

Returning Home

Do you hear God calling you home to reclaim what has always been yours?  You might have strayed because of your busy life or challenges you faced.  So do you believe God never takes away […]