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Three Resolutions to a Better Work Environment

Organize, organize, organize! Three New Year’s Resolutions in career. Organize Work Space I’ve been saying this Grace and it began on Monday. I came to work and began to organize my office desk. I’m walking […]

Taking a Journey of the Self

Vacation is giving me an opportunity to really think about what I want for the new year. I’ve always wanted to have my own public relations firm. I also know that I feel I am […]

Dilemma: Gift Giving for Colleagues and the Big Boss

Do you buy holiday presents for your co-workers or not? If so, what is an appropriate gift without breaking the bank? Do you give the same gift to everyone or not? Would you give your […]

Unplugging to Focus on What Matters

I always look forward to the holidays. Not just because it’s festive, cheery and filled with magic, the holidays give me a time to renew myself. Our offices close for a week between Christmas and […]