Vacation is giving me an opportunity to really think about what I want for the new year. I’ve always wanted to have my own public relations firm. I also know that I feel I am using God’s given talents when I write. I would love to be able to combine the gifts God has given me and do his Will. But what can that be?

I have another week or so to truly think about what path I want to take. The job I have provides well for the boys and me. With the alimony and child support, I know I will have no need to worry about anything. I think, Grace, this is my opportunity to truly reflect about what it is I want and what God wants for me and follow His will.

How will I know what I am doing is what God wants for me?

Guiding Lesson: Eve, what a wonderful place to be. The desire to want to discern the will of God is a gift in itself.  To get to this place, you must be feeling a tug, a thirst, a longing to allow your life to be a gift to the world. This is God inviting you to hear the world’s cry or need and the answer to it is You.

Starting this discernment process will take some time as like any journey. You will encounter people, feelings, thoughts, doubts, tools, support, etc. that will lead you to a new discovery of self and of God. Your journey is no different than the journeys you see in movies and books. They take the traveler on many adventures.  Not only does the person achieve their mission but they are transformed, enlightened and are much stronger than they were when they started.

I would like to encourage you to watch some movies or read books and pay attention to the entire journey.  This does not mean just the physical one but also the emotional, mental and spiritual.  Some ideas are:  Apollo 13, Lord of the Rings, Eat, Pray, Love, The Blind Side, August Rush, Remember the Titans, etc.  Don’t forget children’s movies like Skrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Narnia, Harry Potter, etc.

The Discernment Process:

  1. Identify what decision or issue you are trying to solve.
  2. Through reflection and journaling, clarify the underlying values and personal concerns. The key here is to stay objective by not trying to lean more toward one option or another. Just be factual. This requires an inner freedom, openness and balance that stems from having great faith that God will allow your path to spring forth.  So you need to embrace a watchful anticipation ready to move when it is time.
  3. Pray and pay attention to your internal world. What is stirring inside of you as you bring this to prayer.
  4. Sift through your thoughts and feelings until you come up with decision that encompasses both the head and the heart.
  5. Discuss the matter with a Spirit Companion
  6. Talk to those who will be intimately affected by the decision being made
  7. Live out your decision with courage, hope and trust

Eve, this may sound daunting but it’s not that complicated. It is about heightening your ability to pay attention and being committed to spending time in prayer. I will be here the entire journey and will provide the light you need along the way. No ticket required just a sense of adventure, open mind and open heart. I’m ready. Are you?



Posted by Marisol Barrios as MissGuided Mom's "Eve"

After 12 years of marriage, I found myself suddenly divorced with two sons to raise. Inspired by life's events, I decided to create "Eve" and tell her story, a story that will resonate with many women. "Eve" will take you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of marriage, motherhood, career and divorce. After numerous delicate situations, she decides to surrender her life to a higher being and welcomes her guardian angel who teaches her life lessons. Join "Eve," her guardian angel, and friends as she takes you through an unimaginable journey of self-discovery. (Pictured: Caterina Clarke as MissGuided Mom's Guardian Angel "Grace" and Marisol Barrios as MissGuided Mom's "Eve")

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