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Delving into Work to Escape Home Problems

Grace, I’m so fortunate to have my job right now. Not just because of the way the economy has been doing, my job has allowed me to escape what is happening at home. Leaving the home during the day and getting away releases the stress of divorce and details of the process.

Fortunately for me, I have a colleague who is also a dear friend, and she understands what I am going through. I’m glad there is someone at work who knows what is happening at home. She has compassion for all involved, including Adam. Although she has asked me numerous times if divorce is what I really want, I believe she wants me to truly think every decision through before I make it.

For now, I am delving into every account I manage. I have taken the additional responsibility of training other colleagues in social media, a way to avoid having any idle time to think about Adam.

Guiding Lesson: Eve, going through a divorce can drain you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  It has tremendous power and can hold your mind, heart and soul hostage if you let it.  There are no negotiations that will release you quickly. You can try to speed it up but won’t get far until the wounds are tended to.

I like your decision in trying to stay grounded. It is very important and will help you feel some sense of normalcy in this unplanned event in your life. I don’t believe one ever plans to grow up and get divorced, but when it happens one can plan to choose how they will handle it to get to the other side.  And yes, there is an end to this chaotic time.  In time you will find yourself in a place of joy. But for now, do what you can to focus on what you do have like your work. Maximize the blessings in your life and know there are more to come if you keep your mind, heart and gut open to the Divine Healer.

Eve, I promise you the pain and wounds of divorce will not have the final say. Love will come and release you as you continue to heal. The Divine Healer has already started treating you. In time Love will have the final say and will show you the way to new life. Pinky promise.




Dividing the Heart Between Work and Home

Oh, Grace, Jonathan is having a tough time at school. I went to his parent-teacher conference and his teacher told me he is really distracted. He cried for the first six weeks of school and as a result, Jonathan missed the foundation of reading and math. Adam and I have had to deal with a young boy bullying him and the overall transition to first grade from another private school he attended.

Today I wish I could stay home and be present to Jonathan and David, helping them both on homework, taking them to extracurricular activities, and spending time together without having to rush through an evening routine.

With Adam and I getting a divorce, I’m having to make really difficult decisions about reducing the number of hours I work to try to spend one-on-one time with Jonathan. He needs me now and I need to get him on track. Adam and I know the benefit of one parent spending the time to work with Jonathan on his school work. I think getting a reduction in pay for reduced number of hours is worth the investment of helping Jonathan achieve academic successes, boost his self-esteem and restore confidence at school.

Grace, say a little prayer for us.

Guiding Lesson: Eve, I can hear in your voice how concerned you are about Jonathan. As a parent, your work and worries are never ending. And as a working mom, I can see how you are divided, you need to work to provide for them, but your heart wants to help them develop to be the best they can be. So what do you do?

You mentioned that you are deciding to reduce the number of hours at work to spend more time with Jonathan. If you can do it financially, I say you will not regret the time you spend with your children.  This time with them will soon be a distant memory.  You have the power to impact them and the only way to do it is by being there.  This won’t be without sacrifice, but it also won’t be without great rewards and great joy.

Eve, this is a great teaching lesson for your children. Your decision will help them learn and see your values in action:

  1. Family first, over money and career.
  2. They are not alone in their struggles and you want to be part of shaping their future.
  3. Sometimes you need to sacrifice things today for a better tomorrow.
  4. It is important to reprioritize when needed to live according to your values and live a life of integrity.

A new day has begun. Your world is changing and you will be singing a new song.




The Naked Chef Spreads a Healthy Message

I attended Jamie Oliver’s grand opening of The Kitchen in Westwood and he discussed his mission for the Food Revolution Campaign. Given that the campaign addresses food in schools, I thought it would be appropriate to encourage other parents on what they can do to change the food purchases being made in schools to offer our children nutritious meals.

Together we can teach our children to make healthy choices about food that will heighten their awareness in the classroom. For many parents struggling to make ends meet, food choices are sometimes sacrificed when thinking about the cheaper items such as fried noodles with a seasoning packet versus whole grain pasta. Vegetables and fruit can also be costly; however, there are ways we can provide our children the needed nutrients to break the cycle of our poor eating habits in America.

Obesity, juvenile diabetes and hunger are issues in our country that we need to address. Jamie Oliver is trying to enter schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District to see what types of food are being served to our children. I support his effort and applaud him for taking a stand for America’s children and families. I hope you will too. Below are the LAUSD board members you can email with the following information:

marguerite.lamotte@lausd.net; monica.garcia@lausd.net; tamar.galatzan@lausd.net; steve.zimmer@lausd.net; yolie.flores@lausd.net; nury.martinez@lausd.net; richard.vladovic@lausd.net.

Enter subject line: Let Jamie Oliver into LAUSD and request their support.

Tell them you want them to grant Jamie Oliver access into schools to see the food children are served. Obesity, juvenile diabetes and hunger are problems in America. We need to ensure that our children in schools are getting nutritious meals. We need to make children and families aware of the health and school issues that are affected by the foods served in schools. As a parent, I support Jamie and his efforts to heighten people’s awareness of eating better, making healthy food choices, and teaching cooking skills and recipes that offer children nutritious meals.

Don’t forget to “cc”: jamieskitchenla@live.com

This is one full plate on Naked Chef’s menu I’m willing to take a bite out of, anytime, Grace!

Guiding Lesson: Eve, what an incredible effort that Jamie Oliver is undertaking!  And as others join in, they too are being part of spreading the message, the good news about food.  It is the way, the truth to a message that will lead people to a new way of life and health.

As you stated, the children need new options to french fries, chips, burgers, etc.  They need to be freed from being held captive to fried food, junk food and processed food. It seems like the more you eat this type of food the more you crave it. I believe that there might be a fast food gene that will be discovered to help explain the lure people have to food that is soaked and fried in hot fatty oil.

Parents are also lost when it comes to knowing what to feed their children. It’s not that they don’t know, but they are working and trying to find quick and low cost options that fit into their busy lives that is still affordable. Helping parents to reconnect to natural food is the beginning of a new and healthy future. 

I believe the work that Jamie Oliver is committed to doing is aligned with God’s plan for the children.

As Isaiah said in verse 61:1 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon  me…he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the  brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the  prisoners”. This may be the work God started, but can only be completed through everyone. Jamie is trying to do this, but needs everyone’s help.

Well, Eve, since I am an angel and a messenger from God, who better to continue spreading the message to help impact change for the children. Be the message. Be the message. That is what we are all called to be. What is your message?




Bless This Mess

The piles are daunting. My arms are buried in the stacks on the desk, floor and file cabinet. My head is buried in overwhelming thoughts of having to declutter. Honestly, Grace, I don’t have any talent for organization. I feel like decluttering is getting in my way of working my accounts. And that certainly is not a good feeling nor is it good for productivity. I think it’s time for Bless This Mess.

My friend, a stay-at-home mom, began organizing for several working moms. I’m so glad she decided to take the next step with her talent. On several occasions, she has decluttered my home, packed, moved, unpacked and organized all household items. What I most love about her consulting business is that she blesses others with the clutter. She has taken truckloads of items I have discarded and given it to others or donated them to an organization. Best of all, she brings me the receipt from the organization she donated the items to.

Before I get another thought to clutter my mind, I’m dialing her number right now…

Guiding Lesson: Bless this mess is such a great saying!  Very catchy and clever. 
Eve, your friend seems to be in the same business that Angels are in.  While your friend is working to declutter the external, concrete mess around you, Angels help you clean up the internal, unseen messes within you.

Eve, I know that clutter zaps your energy. It’s great that you are aware of what your talents are and the areas that you may need a little help from your friends. Self-awareness helps you make better choices.  It takes great humility and honesty to look at oneself in the mirror and recognize your needs and be open to asking for help. Or like you put it having someone bless your mess.

Eve, it also makes me think about the power of this fabulous saying. You often hear people ask, “What is my purpose?” What if people ask, “What mess needs to be blessed with the talents God gave me?” What answer would you come up with?  Do you notice that this question is not ego centered but other-centered? It doesn’t start from your need to find your place but it asks you to see beyond yourself and respond accordingly.

Eve, I guess it’s time for me to practice what I preach so what mess can I bless within you?