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Delving into Work to Escape Home Problems

Grace, I’m so fortunate to have my job right now. Not just because of the way the economy has been doing, my job has allowed me to escape what is happening at home. Leaving the […]

Got Milk or God?

Grace, how do I get over the feeling of loneliness? The feeling is so overwhelming when I am alone and laying in bed. Although intimacy wasn’t present in our marriage, I remember being comforted by […]

Drinking from the Cup of Life

I’ve been thinking about what commitment means in marriages and relationships. When I reflect upon the word, I immediately think about the loyalty, duty or pledge we have for the other person. When I remember […]

Looking at Things with Fresh Eyes

“Fresh eyes” was my pastor’s theme for his sermon this past weekend. I listened attentively, opened my mind and eyes to what God has in store for me. When I left the church, I decided […]