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Can You Handle the Truth?

Grace you asked me “If you give anything less or choose to live opposed to who you are, then who are you really or who are you trying to become?” I think before one marries […]

Finding Integrity in Everything We Do

Grace, I’ve been thinking about what makes a good marriage. A few characteristics come to mind: respect, integrity, honesty, communication, accountability, and commitment. I guess this is good for starters. I discussed respect last week […]

Snakes are Not Welcomed Here

Grace, I made a decision. I realized I was waiting for Adam to be my provider. Investing in his career, I sacrificed my dreams, my wishes, for his. And although I think sacrificing for the […]

Rosy Got the Best of Me

After confronting Adam, I had a few days to think about things. I decided to go out with a friend who’s divorced to get her perspective. I needed to vent on what was happening. Instead […]