Category: Divorce

What a broken heart needs

It’s been nearly seven months since my divorce was finalized. I feel like I’ve been in a slumber–crying, sleeping, and living on autopilot. Even though I was separated for some time before the divorce, there’s a […]

Getting through the numbness of divorce

What an unexpected turn of events! Getting married literally takes an hour of wedding ceremonial rituals while getting divorced takes five minutes in front of the judge. Adam did not appear at the divorce hearing […]

Coming to a Close

The boys and I have settled into our apartment quite nicely. We have the familiarity of the furniture, photo frames on the entertainment center, and bedroom linen to bring comfort during these startling changes in […]

A Conversation with Dad

I was pleasantly surprised when my dad came to our home and stayed for some time. I rarely ever had personal conversations with my dad so at my age now I revel in this special […]