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Home is Where the Heart Is

I received word from the landlord that my apartment was ready for us to move in. The apartment is even better than I imagined. When I first heard about it, the landlord said the apartment […]

Finances Heat Up in the Summer

Working full days, coming home to the boys, maintaining everyday parenting duties and creating my dream, well, I’m spent, literally and figuratively. The financial demands on a household, including summer camp day care, are hefty. […]

Divorce Affects Everyone

Fourth of July reminds me, just like, Father’s Day  that holidays are different for our family. As you know, Jonathan and David get to share Father’s day with their father and I need to arrange […]

Setting New Boundaries and Roles During Divorce

Adam’s not picking up the phone. I dial a few more times and finally he picks up. “What?” he replies. “What? Are you kidding me? How could you leave her at our house and, to […]