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Bless This Mess

The piles are daunting. My arms are buried in the stacks on the desk, floor and file cabinet. My head is buried in overwhelming thoughts of having to declutter. Honestly, Grace, I don’t have any […]

Three Resolutions to a Better Work Environment

Organize, organize, organize! Three New Year’s Resolutions in career. Organize Work Space I’ve been saying this Grace and it began on Monday. I came to work and began to organize my office desk. I’m walking […]

Dilemma: Gift Giving for Colleagues and the Big Boss

Do you buy holiday presents for your co-workers or not? If so, what is an appropriate gift without breaking the bank? Do you give the same gift to everyone or not? Would you give your […]

Unplugging to Focus on What Matters

I always look forward to the holidays. Not just because it’s festive, cheery and filled with magic, the holidays give me a time to renew myself. Our offices close for a week between Christmas and […]