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Step into the Moment and be Present

Trying to balance a full-time job with raising children, getting a divorce, exercising, and fulfilling my dreams is extremely challenging. For some reason, working in this environment yields a higher level of productivity. I find […]

Patterns Can Cause Relapse

Patterns make it easy to repeat and create something familiar. Even children learn patterns in preschool. Patterns, good or bad, guide us through recurring events or experiences. I once heard that our past (patterns) is […]

How to Benefit from an Accountability Partner

When you identify the one area you want to focus on in making a significant change in life, find an accountability partner(s) with whom you interact frequently.  The chances of you making a shift will […]

A Masterpiece in Every Stone

I’ve hibernated not just in my personal life, but in my professional life as well. In the past year I’ve had time to think about what I really want for myself professionally. With the divorce […]