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5 Lessons I Learned After Marriage

Sometimes we get married without fully understanding the complexities of this new dynamic. In the landscape of a marriage, peaks and valleys mark milestones and challenges that were either celebrated or overcome. I ask myself […]

“What if” Can Create Analysis Paralysis

Grace, I know what you mean by saying, “I matter.” This statement just makes me think that I didn’t make myself a priority in marriage. Oftentimes, what matters most is what your spouse wants or […]

Filtering What is Toxic to Transform

Grace, you said the place to start is creating space to listen to me.  You believe that I have a lot of wisdom and have the key to work through the depression that will lead […]

The Weight of Divorce is Depressing

Grace, I’ve been isolating myself from you and the rest of the world. But I know I didn’t need to tell you that, you already knew. I didn’t realize it until the holidays; I’ve been […]