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Dividing the Heart Between Work and Home

Oh, Grace, Jonathan is having a tough time at school. I went to his parent-teacher conference and his teacher told me he is really distracted. He cried for the first six weeks of school and […]

The Naked Chef Spreads a Healthy Message

I attended Jamie Oliver’s grand opening of The Kitchen in Westwood and he discussed his mission for the Food Revolution Campaign. Given that the campaign addresses food in schools, I thought it would be appropriate […]

Pointing the Fingers Elsewhere

As I begin to really uncover the “why” and “how of my old patterns and habits, I thought I’d go back to a few weeks ago and finish reflecting on characteristics that I think make […]

A Rebirth in a New Year

As I mentioned earlier this week, I attended my friend’s baptismal ceremony and was truly touched by what she said. I decided to share Mary’s testimony, with her approval, to demonstrate the power of letting […]