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Delving into Work to Escape Home Problems

Grace, I’m so fortunate to have my job right now. Not just because of the way the economy has been doing, my job has allowed me to escape what is happening at home. Leaving the […]

Explaining Divorce to Children

“Jonathan, David, come here, please,” I said. “Daddy and I want to tell you something.” Jonathan sat down on the couch, bending his knees to his chest and hugging them. While David sat on Adam’s […]

Looking at Things with Fresh Eyes

“Fresh eyes” was my pastor’s theme for his sermon this past weekend. I listened attentively, opened my mind and eyes to what God has in store for me. When I left the church, I decided […]

Making a List of Negotiation Topics

I told a friend of mine that I finally decided to divorce Adam. Since she has gone through the separation and divorce process, she gave me a few topics to try to negotiate with Adam. […]