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Got Milk or God?

Grace, how do I get over the feeling of loneliness? The feeling is so overwhelming when I am alone and laying in bed. Although intimacy wasn’t present in our marriage, I remember being comforted by […]

Drinking from the Cup of Life

I’ve been thinking about what commitment means in marriages and relationships. When I reflect upon the word, I immediately think about the loyalty, duty or pledge we have for the other person. When I remember […]

Explaining Divorce to Children

“Jonathan, David, come here, please,” I said. “Daddy and I want to tell you something.” Jonathan sat down on the couch, bending his knees to his chest and hugging them. While David sat on Adam’s […]

Looking at Things with Fresh Eyes

“Fresh eyes” was my pastor’s theme for his sermon this past weekend. I listened attentively, opened my mind and eyes to what God has in store for me. When I left the church, I decided […]