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Party of Three: Two Handsome Young Men and Me

As hurt as I am for what Adam has done, I still planned on cooking an early Thanksgiving meal. I wanted to try a new recipe and thought it would be a perfect time for […]

Calgon, take me away!

I would like to go to the bathroom without one of my boys trying to open the door, watch or talk with me. I would like to take a shower without one of my boys […]

Leaky Faucets and Squirting Milk were My Gifts

On our way home, I read the handout on overactive let-down, which was the first time I learned about it. I was fascinated by the idea of having an overactive milk let-down where the flow of the milk becomes overwhelming for a baby. This must be my problem. And what a problem is was—not bad at all.

Got Breastmilk? On Demand and Plenty of It

When Jonathan, my son, was born they quickly brought him to my breast so I could breastfeed. Oh and how I loved that! They had a nurse to show me how to breastfeed him. The first few days I was trying to get used to holding him and was thinking too much about how often I needed to breastfeed him and for how long. Although I read that nursing was on demand, I was still conscious of it.