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Sharing the Limelight with the Twins

The surgery for my breast implant and breast lift went extremely well. One minute I was telling the anesthesiologist what my favorite cocktail is and the next minute I’m awake. The first person I saw […]

Augmenting All Parts of My Life

I have a scheduled surgical appointment for the breast augmentation and breast lift in the week to come. I decided to get it done while I was going to have some time off. However, not […]

Role Playing in my Adult Playground

Do you really know the motivation for this augmentation? Grace, you ask me this question about my breast lift and breast augmentation. Let me be completely honest with you. Since I gave birth and nursed […]

Getting a New Kind of Makeover–The Twins

I decided I’m not waiting until I turn forty to treat myself to a breast lift and a breast implant. I deserve to get them done now. Why wait? Adam and I can both enjoy […]