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On Being a Mother: Surrender to the Moment-Part II

Pearls of Grace: Wisdom shared by a guardian angel Surrender to the moment – So what does this mean?  As a working mother, you are constantly being pulled in so many directions.  There are so […]

Finances Heat Up in the Summer

Working full days, coming home to the boys, maintaining everyday parenting duties and creating my dream, well, I’m spent, literally and figuratively. The financial demands on a household, including summer camp day care, are hefty. […]

An Exercise to Discover Your True Desires

Stress consumes my mental state of mind and my body absorbs the side effects: belly fat. Ugh! I feel like a yo-yo when it comes to working out. I do so well for six weeks […]

Three Resolutions for Better Parenting

When I think about three resolutions I can try to achieve in parenting, three things immediately come to mind: patience, understanding, and playfulness. Practice Patience As parents there are times when our children can drive […]