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Getting through the numbness of divorce

What an unexpected turn of events! Getting married literally takes an hour of wedding ceremonial rituals while getting divorced takes five minutes in front of the judge. Adam did not appear at the divorce hearing […]

Be Fit, Eat Healthy, Play More

The end of the holidays sometimes seems anticlimactic. We build up three wonderful holidays filled with gratitude, hope, and new beginnings. Then the children go back to school and we, at times, continue to work […]

Getting Closer through Challenges

Challenges can bring people closer to God or can shut Him out. I have been consumed by my divorce and family situation that I just realized it’s been quite some time since I connected with […]

Finding Solutions for Summer Break

Summer vacation is here! Jonathan and David finished school last week–no more homework packets in sight. I’m excited to have lazy evenings with them, without the rush of baseball practice and last minute spelling tests. […]