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Role Playing in my Adult Playground

Do you really know the motivation for this augmentation? Grace, you ask me this question about my breast lift and breast augmentation. Let me be completely honest with you. Since I gave birth and nursed […]

Getting a New Kind of Makeover–The Twins

I decided I’m not waiting until I turn forty to treat myself to a breast lift and a breast implant. I deserve to get them done now. Why wait? Adam and I can both enjoy […]

Weight Worth Gaining

For three days I prayed that hand expressing some breastmilk would help Jonathan gain weight by encouraging him to drink the hind milk and less of the fore milk. I would soon find out if it worked when I took him to the doctor’s office on Monday following the weekend. After taking his temperature, weight and measurements, we were escorted to the exam room and waited to see the doctor.

Exposing Your Breasts at Work for the Greater Good

One of the challenges of returning to work after maternity leave is finding a place to breast pump. Separate from my office, there is no place dedicated to mother’s who choose to pump. I guess I was fortunate that I had my own office, but others still had a key to my office. The first few times I pumped I was afraid someone would walk in.