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Rosy Got the Best of Me

After confronting Adam, I had a few days to think about things. I decided to go out with a friend who’s divorced to get her perspective. I needed to vent on what was happening. Instead […]

Going Full Monty During Work Hours

I decided to take a day off from work to begin journaling. Grace, with everything going on in my life, I feel the need to write down my experiences, feelings and reflections. I also needed […]

The Human Garbage Disposal

Why is it that as mothers some of us are the garbage disposal to our children’s leftover food? I’m not just the human garbage disposal for one child but two! I don’t want to waste […]

Party of Three: Two Handsome Young Men and Me

As hurt as I am for what Adam has done, I still planned on cooking an early Thanksgiving meal. I wanted to try a new recipe and thought it would be a perfect time for […]