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Calgon, take me away!

I would like to go to the bathroom without one of my boys trying to open the door, watch or talk with me. I would like to take a shower without one of my boys […]

Weight Worth Gaining

For three days I prayed that hand expressing some breastmilk would help Jonathan gain weight by encouraging him to drink the hind milk and less of the fore milk. I would soon find out if it worked when I took him to the doctor’s office on Monday following the weekend. After taking his temperature, weight and measurements, we were escorted to the exam room and waited to see the doctor.

A Preview of this Week’s Entries

Here’s a preview of this week’s entries. Stay tuned by visiting the blog daily to learn more about my adventures and reflections. Find out what Grace has to say.

Leaky Faucets and Squirting Milk were My Gifts

On our way home, I read the handout on overactive let-down, which was the first time I learned about it. I was fascinated by the idea of having an overactive milk let-down where the flow of the milk becomes overwhelming for a baby. This must be my problem. And what a problem is was—not bad at all.