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Exposing Your Breasts at Work for the Greater Good

One of the challenges of returning to work after maternity leave is finding a place to breast pump. Separate from my office, there is no place dedicated to mother’s who choose to pump. I guess I was fortunate that I had my own office, but others still had a key to my office. The first few times I pumped I was afraid someone would walk in.

Leaky Faucets and Squirting Milk were My Gifts

On our way home, I read the handout on overactive let-down, which was the first time I learned about it. I was fascinated by the idea of having an overactive milk let-down where the flow of the milk becomes overwhelming for a baby. This must be my problem. And what a problem is was—not bad at all.

Preview of this Week’s Entries

Here’s a preview of this week’s entries. Stay tuned by visiting the blog daily to learn more about my adventures and reflections. Find out what Grace has to say.

Got Breastmilk? On Demand and Plenty of It

When Jonathan, my son, was born they quickly brought him to my breast so I could breastfeed. Oh and how I loved that! They had a nurse to show me how to breastfeed him. The first few days I was trying to get used to holding him and was thinking too much about how often I needed to breastfeed him and for how long. Although I read that nursing was on demand, I was still conscious of it.